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Wall Street Concepts (WSC) provides tax information reporting solutions to the financial industry for REMICs, Pass Through Mortgage Backed Securities, Long term OID bonds, Master Limited Partnerships, mutual funds, REITs, Unit Investment Trusts, and Widely Held Fixed Investment Trusts (WHFITs). Our services facilitate the production of Forms 1099 and K-1, as well as the preparation of individual tax returns.

Compliance Plus ®
Compliance Plus ® service helps firms comply with all federal and state requirements, including rules related to investor-level supplemental reporting for Widely Held Fixed Investment Trusts (WHFITs).
Long Term OID
Long Term OID Services offer compliance with the reporting regulations governing instruments issued with Original Issue Discount.
Original Issue Discount Calculator
Original Issue Discount (OID) Calculator is a web-based application that helps facilitate accounting for any portfolio that includes REMICs, corporate bonds, federal strips, municipal bonds or certificates of deposit.
- OID Calculator Demo »
- OID Calculator Free Trial »
AMBIR is a transaction-based service that offers compliance with the reporting regulations governing Widely Held Fixed Investment Trusts (WHFITs), Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs), and other collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).
Income Reallocation
Income Reallocation Service is a transaction-based service that uses transaction histories that you provide to compute the appropriate income for each tax lot.
- Income Reallocation Demo Browser »
Unit Investment Trust
UIT Service helps your firm process Unit Investment Trust (UIT) transactions and complete year-end UIT adjustments.
TEFRA Glossary
TEFRA Glossary solution provides a database of securities that require special consideration in any tax information reporting system.
Master Limited Partnership Reporting
Wall Street Concepts suite of solutions includes a clearing house of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) that collects, consolidates and distributes street-name information on behalf of nominees in compliance with 6031(c).

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