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Original Issue Discount Calculator Description

 How to use the OID Calculator
The Calculator is used to calculate OID income, market discount, acquisition premiums adjusted cost basis and realized gains and losses on fixed income securities. If your portfolio includes REMICs, corporate bonds, federal strips, municipal bonds or certificates of deposit securities, this calculator is what you need. You can also use the OID Calculator to create an original issue discount lifetime accrual schedule for those same securities. Since it is a subscription-based service a user ID and password is required.
What you need to use the OID Calculator* :
  • The CUSIP number of the security which has nine digits (Example: 005706PA8)
  • The purchase settlement date (Month, Day, Year)
  • The purchase quantity
If you have sold the bond, you also need to know :
  • Sale settlement date (Month, Day, Year)
  • Sale proceeds (do not include accrued interest received)

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